We are very delighted to inform you that we have been in Ayurvedic Medicinal Science for last two generation. Inspired from my previous generations we also decided to be dedicated to Ayurveda.

We started Green Remedies Ayurvedic Medicine Division for popularizing the Ayurvedic Medicinal Science. In yearly years, we distributed medicine to needy people free of cost to serve poor people.

GRAMD is making approximately 150 medicines in the form of Churna, Rasrasayan, Paak-awleh & Swanubhoot yoga. We have started distributing our medicines in different states of India like Uttarpradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Uttaranchal & West Bengal.

GRAMD is also working on projects to find the cures for incurable diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Heart diseases.

We have received lots of affection & respect from our patients & customers due to high quality of medicines. We hope that it will continue for ever. We are getting whopping response from Doctors/ Vaida from different part of the country. We are very grateful to all distributors and dealers who are helping us to make our medicines available to common man.